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Recent  Articles:

  • Wednesday, September 7, 2005
    Chodoff: Gaza Boils 

    Gaza is rapidly reaching boiling point as tribal style conflict begins to surface in the immediate aftermath of the Israeli withdrawal from the area.  Yesterday’s abortive mob rush to the ruins of Neve Dekalim that ended with a Palestinian killed after he climbed on an IDF tank, followed by this morning’s assassination of Musa Arafat (cousin of late unlamented Yasir) two blocks from the headquarters of the PA Security Services are just the first rounds of what is likely to erupt in the near future.

  • Friday, September 2, 2005:
    Settlement Sacrifice

    Generals sacrifice soldiers, politicians sacrifice civilians.  Armies are expected to win wars while state leaders are expected to “win the peace.”   Both are constrained in what they do in order to remain in power.  They know they are replaceable.  Israeli PM Ariel Sharon has held both roles and knows the game intimately.  Like all good generals he has unwillingly but determinedly sent soldiers to their deaths in order to win his battles.


  • Saturday, August 27, 2005:
    : False Messiah X 2

    Some five years ago, both at Camp David 2000 and at Taba 2001 the secular, messianic “peace” hopes of the Israel Left went up in flames.  The Palestinian low intensity conflict/terror offensive even erased the “peace at all costs” pushed by those negotiating in the name of then PM Ehud Barak’s collapsing Labor government.  Negotiator Yossi Beilin and others like him had turned peace into the ultimate value instead of seeing it as a status between peoples.  An undisclosed amount of Palestinian refugees (tens, if not hundreds of thousands) would be allowed to return and Israel would compromise on its security to guarantee a peace agreement signed by that alleged peace champion Yasir Arafat. (More)

  • Friday, August 26, 2005
    Gaza Retrospective and Aftermath

    It is too soon after the disengagement to reflect on the events of the past week, especially by one who was in the middle of them.  Nonetheless, some points are worth considering, as the final stages of the Gaza withdrawal have been completed and the IDF is in the process of clearing the last of the civilian and military property out of the Gaza area. (More)

  • Thursday, August 18, 2005
    Disengagement Realities

    In Israel it appears rabbinical authority will finally be forced to bow to that of the state.  With all the pain of the Gaza Disengagement the police and army are following orders given to them by their commanders and not adhering to the exhortations of the anti-Disengagement activists and Gush Katif residents who demand of them to refuse to evacuate Jews from “the Land of Israel”.  The rabbis and Yesha (Judea and Samaria Council) leadership are now going through the motions of opposition, knowing full well the battle is lost.  (More)

  • Saturday, August 13,  2005
    Chodoff: Destruction and Redemption
    Tonight and tomorrow, the fast of the ninth of Av, the Jewish people lament the disasters that have befallen it over the millennia.  From the destruction of both temples in Jerusalem through the annihilation of the Bar Kochba rebels and the expulsion from Spain, repeated calamities have been associated with this date throughout Jewish history.  This year, the imminent destruction of the Jewish communities of Gaza can be added to the list.  Along with the lamentations, however, there remains the strong belief in ultimate redemption.  For both religious and secular Zionists, this hope is the basis for the establishment and maintenance of the Jewish State in the Land of Israel. (More)




Sunday, August 7, 2005

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